War defense team advice for a f2p

Hello all

I’m f2p for about two years now. I’m a regular player and I’ve harvested some 5 star heroes from TC20. I’d like your advice on a war defense team.

The heroes are: Khagan, Richard, Elkanen, Vivica, Isarnia, Lianna and Azlar. Some 4 star heroes to choose from: Proteus, Kiril, Boril, Ciprian, Boldtusk,Melendor, Guardian Jackal, Wilbur, Grimm, Tiburtus, Rigard (with costume)

From these heroes, what lineup makes you think twice in a war?


Viv Elk Richy Az Rigs

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For any particular war aid?

Corner healers are great in field aid but not very good for attack buff.

And does anyone have emblems? Boril and Boldtusk cam be very difficult to dislodge with a few emblems.


You’re right, I should specify for what type of war aid. I want to win as many wars as possible with our alliance. So the question becomes then, what team would you setup up for each different war aid?

I have Richard on 4/22 and Elkanen on 3/67. All the other 5 star heroes have emblems, at least +2.

I’ll try the team Olmor suggested.

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