War defense? need help with green tank team

my alliance is running green tank defense so i’m thinking either elkanen or bertie as tank. most of my heroes seem more attack oriented though, and my alliance mates have been taking out any combi i put up pretty easily.

i’m currently thinking marj, clarissa, glenda, fenrir on top of elk and/or bertie? thoughts?

Of those two in a standard formation Bertila is better. I use Elkanen as a pseudo tank in a double formation, but it never worked well with him in the tank slot in a standard set up.

Good luck!


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Neither bertila nor elkanen are GREAT tanking options. Of the two I would say Bertilla is the better option tho, particularly if you can get her more emblems.

In total I would run this set-up:
Fenrir - Marjana - Bertila - Clarissa - Joon


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