War Defense Concept Needs an Upgrade

So, it’s probably been the better part of 2, maybe 3 months since we have fought a war against anyone other than a Russian team running all blue centers. Full disclosure here, we run all red centers, so I understand the strategy and it’s not the strategy that I’m writing about. It’s just getting really, really monotonous and boring fighting, literally, the exact same thing twice a week. We need to get more defenses involved here somehow. Change war defense so that a new one pops up after the first one is killed, something like that. It can’t be a terribly difficult thing to implement, honestly. Because if I have to fight one more Aegir or Magni out front in war I’m going to lose my mind.

As my alliance member from Russia said… Russians love their blue tanks. We get the same thing every 2 out of 3 wars. Today was vs red tanks, it was a nice break. We still run yellow. It’s still a solid tank color.

Maybe a 1st half defense and a 2nd half defense would be enough. It would introduce some more strategy as well knowing at the 12 hour mark, they’re all respawning new teams. But I think most people would still stay the same color.

Implementation is one thing, the impact on newer players who might have only 5 good heroes is another. Many of them already don’t like fighting in wars due to lack of being able to do much. Maybe put in a roster change only for people that can field a second team about the same TP as their top 5? Don’t know the answer, but know its more complex than just implementation.

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If they think their blue tanks (or red, or yellow) are working for them, I can see how they wouldn’t want to change it.

You may vote here.

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