War defense and offense line

Hello there! I started to play this game about a week ago.
I spent a few bucks to get myself some heroes and got these:

5* - Domitia
4* - Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett, Boril, Kashhrek, Wu Kong

My question is:
What heroes should I use and in what order should I line them up when I a) raid and b) defend?
Please help a fellow starter out.
Thank you :grin:

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Hello ich1 :sunglasses:

Do you come from Germany?

World stages
Domi Kash Boldie Boril Wu

Scarlet Domi Kash Boril Gormie
Maybe Wu instead of Gormie to go rainbow.

Scarlet Kash Boril Boldie Gormie
(but only raid opponents with green center heroes) :rofl:

Kashrek is bad lizard, verry good in defence healer,Gormek nice tank (middle position) long life, hit more than one enemy, Wu Kong excellent against titansโ€ฆ