War Defense advise please

Hello all, it happened…I got Odin to go with my Frigg.

I also have gravemaker, and sartana.

What should my ideal team be?

Where should I summon? What should I try to go for?

All I care about is War defense.

Hope you don’t mind… I’ve tweaked your thread title.

“Well it happened” doesn’t actually say you’re asking for war defense advice. GL

I don’t have the heros you’re asking about except Gravy… Who absolutely should be on your team, although in very fast wars a slower option like Azlar may fit better.

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What color does your alliance use for tanks? That’s what really matters.

But Sartana Frigg Odin GM Ariel would be nasty. If you want to go pure offense, probably Magni instead. If you got Krampus then he could be tank or second flank.

It’s a little hard to offer advice on the best line-up when we only have 4 heroes listed and the minimum war defence required if 5…

As @Zathrus asked, war tank colour also helps.

I’m realizing I didn’t communicate this well.

I have 14k gems. I have sartana, gm, Frigg, and Odin.

I also have tyr, fenrir, costume joon, costume vivica.

Trying to build a dream team using Frigg and Odin.

Would love opinions.

I would tank Frigg for 2 reasons:

  1. she hits pretty hard and does the defence down;
  2. people will naturally take RED heroes against her… and hence match the RED tiles, leaving lots of green ones behind.

Odin I would then toss in flank, probably on her Right side to make use of the defence down.

Then rest of the team:

Sartana - Tyr - Frigg - Odin - Fenrir

Unfortunately that results in a double emblem usage in Fighters (Tyr & Fenrir)… You could replace Tyr with Costume Joon to eliminate the duplication. That would also work to Odin’s favour as people would stack PURPLE heroes & matches, leaving the yellow ones behind (enhancing his power).

Sartana - Costume Joon - Frigg - Odin - Fenrir

Costume Joon could be subbed out for Costume Vivica which would give you an extra defence down on the enemy, healing and a dispell… Downside is that Vivica Defence Debuff may fire AFTER frigg & overwrite it… so Normal Vivica could be more preferable.

In terms of the heroes I would look at replacing, I would try:

  • Sartana – Obvious replacements are ones like Jabberwock or Killhare
  • Fenrir – He’s pretty good & can do a lot of damage so is less important IMO… If you picked up Finley he’d be better (flip the wings)
  • Joon/Vivica – If you got lucky, you could sub in Thor (january) or White Rabbit…? or perhaps Mica (ninja)? or Onatel / Sif…?

Hope that helps somewhat :slight_smile:

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