War defence?

Ok guy opinions please !! lineup a

Lineup b
Line up c
lineup d witch one is better for my war defence feel free to rearrange !!!

Any particular war bonus?

Healers in the corners can be a real pain with heal bonus particularly

I thought snipers in the corners and a bulky center !! But i may try !!!

Generally, that’s a good plan.

But Rigard as last man standing getting healed by his special and the bonus every two or three turns can last a very long time!

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Still waiting for an answer of a b c or d ??
I really wanted to try sartana righard aegir Natalya and zimkitha just looks awesome !!

Rigard - Aegir - Horghall - Zim - Sartana

Wow never thought of it that way
Thanks hawk !!
You don’t like Natalya ??

Nope not at all. Good for raids but not for defense.

Out of curiosity what is your alliance ?? I would love to see your defence !!!

It’s Hero Malaysia. My defense changes every 2 weeks but you can see it. :blush:

5 Mother North would probably last 4 ever :wink:

I wouldn’t stack the same color next to each other, i.e. Santana next to Rigard. Someone could go double yellow and get some nice damage without needing vertical tiles.

That’s exactly what I did split them !!
Btw my war defence is still untouched lol !!!

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