War defence team

Hello everyone I have an Idea I want to find that sweet spot of team power to keep it at 1 kill but under 100 points for the enemy I’m at 2555 = 99 points
With Thorne zimkitha aegir boldtusk Triton
3 blue and 2 red
Opinions please is it pointless to try to keep points low and as few kills as possible ?
Cause a strong team gives the enemy a shitload of points thanks everyone !!

War Points for a team are based on percentage of total hp of all teams. The whole field of teams is worth 1500 points no matter what.

So even if your team becomes worth some more points, it just means other teams from your alliance are worth a little less. There’s no advantage to putting up a weaker team than you’re capable of…except for your opponent who gets to win easier. :wink:

On a related note to that, stacking multiple of the same color on defense makes the team way easier to kill.


I’ll put the 3200 I’m capable of I was just wondering if there is a sweet spot there must be a strategy tip I know healer heavy all one colour or 2 like example aegir or zimkitha with element link they recover eachothers health or one of each ???

The strategy tip is always put out the hardest to kill team you can (with the exception that an alliance coordinating tank colors may drive you to a weaker team).

At 3300 TP, you’ll have a lot of opponents whose #3-#6 alliance war teams are unleveled or weakly leveled heroes. If you put out a weak team, you’re giving them a free pass by letting them use their weaker heroes to take you down. They get to save their stronger heroes for your teammates.

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Ok the second one to tell me to put out everything I got I will 3200 it is with max level righard and aegir (the tank ) in the center !!!
The other 3 I’ll find whoever deals a shitload of damage example sartana Thorne Triton and my favourite Natalya !!!

I recently fought a raid with Aegir as tank and flanked by two reds … I wasn’t happy :persevere:

I don’t pretend to be an informed player, but I know I don’t like fighting Natalie.


Optimal war defense certainly includes one healer; two is popular, especially if one is a weak or partial healer (e.g. Kiril or Kashhrek). With Enemy Aid of healing, a second healer is less important. Conversely, with Enemy Aid arrows, a second healer is more valuable, as the arrows do a lot of work for your team.

The strongest defenses in war usually put up a rainbow team or a team with the flanking heroes around the tank of the weak color to the tank, e.g. flank a yellow center with purples on either side. This distribution discourages color stacking against you.

I would strongly discourage using a heavily unbalanced team like you propose. People will stack against it and wipe you easily.

As was stated earlier, your whole alliance is worth a fixed amount, so your goal should be to put out the strongest defense you can field.


Balanced ?? Rainbow ??? Say I got
Righard danzaburro aegir horghall or kashreck and Natalya what would be a rainbow order
Yellow next to purple and green with red ?
What about zimkitha far left righard aegir horghall and Natalya far right ? Although my danzaburro is 4th tier but I just don’t like the little monkey one the other hand zimkitha is cool !!! Lol

Ok I got it just did some test raids and I found the best lineup !!! Rainbow it is !!!

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Final line up from left to right
Righard danzaburro aegir horghall and Natalya
Opinions ??

I’d switch Natalaya and Horghall. Aegir adds healing, but Horghall is tough enough to survive without much help. Natalya hits harder and will gain more benefit from Aegir’s buff.

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Definitely I love Natalya with her it’s just shoot and forget but I’m really insecure about danzaburro I mean he’s tough but I prefer Gretel or the guardian jackal but they are both still only 2nd tier and danzaburro is 3rd level 60 saving food to ascend !! Btw Natalya 3rd tier level 34 and horghal 2nd level 51

I agree with everything @Kerridoc said (often the case), except one thing (not often the case): double flanks of the same weak color works well with a yellow or purple tank, because they’re weak against each other. So if you stack purple against a yellow tank, you’re hitting the purple flanks weakly. For tanks like Guin, Delilah, Aeron, etc. that are solid and hard to come by, that makes sense. But at lower levels there aren’t a ton of great yellow/purple tanks.

But if you have, for instance, a red tank with two green flanks, someone can just stack red instead of blue, and be strong against both flanks and neutral against the tank — which means you’re hitting at normal or double strength on all 3 center position heroes. That’s a stronger approach, typically, than stacking blue against the tank, which would be weak against the green flanks, and also gives your enemies effectively two stacking options, making unified tanks less useful, if your alliance does that.

So I’d mostly emphasize the first part of @Kerridoc’s statement, that the strongest defense in war is usually a rainbow team.


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