War defence - please help :)

My war defense, the alliance uses a purple tank

I wonder if frida would be better than perseus, or my other blue ones:
Or maybe another set at all. These are my other cards:

All suggestions welcome changing the emblems is not a problem, thank you and best regards

I can not put all the pictures I will be grateful for your comments about the blue

Personally I think Frida would be an upgrade to Perseus. I’d switch in a heartbeat

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I’d leave as is. Since you have a blue corner, I prefer Perseus over Frida because Perseus is faster and hence will fire earlier/more likely. :slight_smile:


In my honest opinion, Frida is better in both offence and defence.
However, you have quite a lot of emblems on Perseus, so you are better looking at the stats before you decide what to do next.
Good luck

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