War - defeated an opponents player

In a recent war I took out part of the opponents roster. Namely I took out the center only. After 3 to 4 more rounds I was defeated entirely. I received no points, and the opponents center character was still listed on the battlefield. I also naturally depleted all the other characters some. All show as full health on the battlefield after I attacked

I have the same issue. Killed an entire enemy team. No hero left. After the round was over it shows me 0 points and his complete team was still alive. My used Heros were gone. So i wasted an entire Team for nothing. thats a worstcase pointswise.

Same by some of us. After winning the fight the fight still goes on and after some minutes its over in your lose his win. His team ist still alive your heroes are used…fix that big pls

That’s even worse than my situation

I have the same problem

Finished the battle. Than I can do nothing…
After reset 0 points and the battle counts 0 points.

Sucks. And can’t use the heroes I used. Very angry right now

yeah 69 points less for nothing

and we lost the war cause of the missing points…!

Translation: The same thing happens to us, a fiasco losing shots. On top of defeating complete team and get zero in scoring and disable a team of heroes … and that the enemy is still standing there !!! Much anger!

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Durant la 3eme guerre j’ai battu une équipe. Elle a instantannement été régénérée, j’ai perdu une vie mais mes points ne m’ont pas été attribués mais au contraire 0 et perdu la guerre a cause de cela.
Ce soir je veux revoir la dernière guerre or mon alliance a disparu et celle de 4 de mes coéquipiers. Je n’apparais plus dans la liste des attaquants et je suppose être dans les joueurs supposés avoir quitté mon alliance. Or je ne sors jamais en tant que dirigeante. Franchement marre des bugs. Comme toutes les fois où je veux taper titan et où on me dit que je dois appartenir à une alliance.

Quelqu’un peut me dire comment signaler ceci et obtenir assistance je vous prie ??? Merci par avance.

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