War defeat

Why was I defeated in war when all my heroes were still alive and full of manna?

Time run out? Without a bit of detail it’s hard to really answer but this would be my guess


All my heroes were still standing. So, if I can’t take down the other player in set time I lose by default? All my players were healthy that doesn’t seem fair.

Yep that’s how it works



You have a set time to defeat the defenders of you do not kill them all you lose


It’s the rules, it doesn’t have to be fair, it’s war. Your battle lasts too long, you loose, you disconnect for whatever reason, you loose, your heroes all die at the same time with the enemy, you loose, but in this last case, (as oposed to raids, where you loose the trophies) you still get awarded with the takeout points, so it doesn’t really matter you lost. The same rules apply to the enemy, as well.

That sucks! I’ve been defeated when I had all my heroes alive and the enemy only had two players left and I still am defeated! That is not fair ! My opinion. :frowning:

What’s unfair about it? It universally applies to all players. Arguably speed is a skill so if anything it’s unfair to those who play more quickly.

Sometimes it take longer to defeat certain enemies, especially if you have a bad board. Just saying!

Forget about it, fair or no it will not change, so got used to it, adapt. It only happened to me once or twice in 40 month so don’t sweat it, it only leads to pointless frustration.

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Ja, ist leider so. Ist mir auch einmal passiert, deshalb schaue ich, dass ich den Krieg schnell wie möglich in der Zeit gewinne.
Ein Mal ist mir aber was kurioses passiert. Während der Schlacht, blieb ein Held von mir und ein Held mit reflektieren vom Gegner übrig. Wir hatten beide wenig Leben, ich war am zug, traf ihn, er starb, durch das Reflektieren starb ich auch. Aber er wurde wiederbelebt und ich verlor. So einen Mist vergisst man nicht :woozy_face:

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Yes, unfortunately. It happened to me once too, so I make sure that I win the war as quickly as possible in time. But one time something strange happened to me. During the battle, one hero was left with me and one hero with reflect from the enemy. We both had little life, I was on the train, met him, he died, reflecting on me died too. But he was revived and I lost. You don’t forget that kind of crap

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