War debuff

Hello, i’m asking this for a friend of me. She was playing the war. The enemie has 2 attack boost stacked. She uses Sabina to remove (all) buffs. Only one attack boost gets removed… is that correct or a bug?

The war attack bonus cannot be affected or debuffed.

Although I believe the vampire characters can steal the war healing bonus. Can anyone confirm?

And the arrows can’t be blocked.

Although, can anyone tell me if Ameona in ghost mode can avoid enemy arrows??


Perseus and others can stop the heal boost as well.

Arrows hit minions before they hit heros, so delilah deters arrows technically

Idk about others u mentioned

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There was one removed by the debuff. I have a movie of it buth dont know how to add it here. I do have line…

Line id: jrigs

Could help clear it up if u want. But yes the attack buff that remained in the video is the war boost and it can’t be dispelled. Technically it could be debuffed with an attack debuffer(zeline, skittleskull, horghall) but wouldnt eliminate the buff, it would just decrease it’s effect.


@Petri @Sara might help if this description says “can’t be dispelled”


Yes, thanks you, its clear now. First enemy buff cant be removed, but a second stacking can. Thanks for the help and time

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Thank you for reporting this - it seems there’s a need for some clarification, I’ll put this forward!


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