War Correspondence - Tales from the Trenches

I felt like creating a thread for amusing or amazing occurrences in alliance wars. It’s not really meant for complaining about the system, but we can all commiserate about bad luck. Photos appreciated!

Take today’s equalizer war. I lost two battles in a row: the first was a time’s up defeat. All of my heroes were intact, but the timing of the equalizer kept working in my opponent’s favor. The ending was frustrating AF.

Without the equalizer, the poison I had on Devana would have finished her off in time.

The second battle was a slugfest and it came down to my badly hurt Odin to their badly hurt Dr. Moreau. Sadly this is the result.


How crappy were the boards for this guy that they couldn’t nail or even harm one healer before defeat? I honestly feel sorry for the player, while simultaneously fist bumping Kunchen, my first ever HotM.

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