War connection lost

Had stable 4G connection playing through VPN to avoid such kind of situation!
Why do I get 0? I want to be able to PLAY the game. I don’t pay money to get this!
This is getting more and more irritating.

IF devs are planning to say that the problem was unstable connection, I find it totally unsatisfactory explanation which requires whatsoever no action from developers and could be used for explanation of any problem!


Check if it is not the bug involving delilah and toth

Opponent didn’t have neither of those.
I uploaded a video with full issue

This happened to me as well several times. Till now I only got the answer that this is caused by my Network Connection. The only strange thing is, that this is only happen when the results were submitted (and only during the war period).

I don’t expect to hear anything else cuz it’s kinda “problem solved” situation.
The strange thing is that after the connection was OK again, I couldn’t do anything. It was frozen

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You will get nothing back as payback, of course, as everyone else on this game

Devs are keeping launch bugged updates and never compensate for them.
In the last one we had broken abiities, disconnection issues within stable Wi-Fi, screwed points in AW after a flat win…

Answers: we are sorry but…
I am used to pay for MY faults on my job and of course this is just a game, but a game where many are paying for

good job SG, keep doing

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It’s clear.
I always keep in mind “3.99 offer” :slight_smile:
Just wanted to draw attention to it.

After I took squad and was going to attack the game kicked me and attack has been done without view on this and after few secs I got a notification about that and I didn’t get any points. Fix this please

Connection lost notification appears after i won a war, and then suddenly game restart. Back to battlefield i got 0 point but my enemy die… I lost my heroes because they already used up, i lost 1 war flag. But i got 0 point

I’m also having problems of the same matter game keeps crashing in raids to…frozen can’t do nothing.plus dc when going to fight titan twice lost 2 flags plus 4 raid flags all after the update

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У меня та же проблема, повторилась два раза, тот амуна и далилы не было, с интернетом всё в порядке.

I set my Team and attacked. It never connected so I had to exit the game and come back in. Needless to say it took my Team and my Flag. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Please refresh my Team and return my flag

Closing due to age of thread. For new issues, please see: 📵 Disconnected During War Attack / Network Connection Problem Caused Lost Attack, Flag, and Heroes in AW / Scored 0 Points on War Hit Due to Dropped Server Connection / Game Crashed and I lost my War Hit [MASTER]

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