War Concern – do used flags affect War matchmaking?

Hello Warriors!
If your Alliance loses a War, does the amounts of hits used make a difference in who you are matched with in the next War?


Not directly, but they do somewhat indirectly.

A small portion of your War Score used for matchmaking is based on your win/loss record.

An alliance that tends to use all of their flags is likely to outperform a similar-strength alliance that consistently leaves many flags unused. So those habits of flag usage are somewhat baked into your track record.

That said, win/loss history is a small component of War Score, which is composed of:


Thanks Zephyr1😊
During the last War, when our opponents went to bed they were 800 ahead, by the time they cane back we were almost 1000 ahead of them. A few came on and fought, but at this point it got odd. They had 60 hits but did not use them.:thinking: Someone suggested that if they felt they would lose not using their remaining hits would net them a weaker Alliance next War. I’d have quit an Alliance that left 60 hits at Wars end​:joy::joy::joy:

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It’s not uncommon to run into alliances that leave a lot of flags unused on a regular basis due to poor planning and low coordination/participation rates.

So it may just be their norm, and not at all a planned strategy.

But in any event, from what we know about War Score, there isn’t evidence that tanking a War radically by a huge loss would impact the history portion of the score notably differently — if at all — vs. losing by a single point.

Thanks again Zephyr1, I didn’t think the amount of flags left made a difference. But I promised I’d ask.

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