War compensation - solved

Great work SG! This was proper compensation for our time and talent. Thank you for the 75 gems, the WE flask, and the rare quest - you did a good job! Thank you for taking care of our client relationship.

Original gripe:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…there better be something to compensate. Family time on the weekends is more precious than gold in my household and I took away time for war strategy, planning, and execution. Canceling all of that cancels my time and has wasted my precious time. Compensation would be reasonable. Something like a scope quest or something…Poor form SG. Normally I admire your relationships with your clients and continuing to improve the game for our sake with impressive support but this is unacceptable.


lol be ready to be rained upon by people that feel what you’re asking for is completely outrageous. already facing the same people in another thread. I’m sure they’ll be here shortly. go ahead and prepare some answers as to why you feel this way…


YMostly I just wanted to fight a war. If you guys were gonna cancel it, why couldn’t you figure it out before a lockdown for matchmaking instead of about the time it started???

Grumble, grumble, grumble.


Seriously failed launch sg. We had so much riding on this war. Now we again have to wait for chance to gain chest. I think compensation is surly warranted.


Just wanted to add
Grumble…grumble…grumble like my man Barry lol. Good form Barry.


To me the most fair compensation if they choose to give us one is to give everyone 5 war chest points as if we all won our wars this week, but not sure how easy that is for them to do…


No one makes you spend. Stay on topic.

I would be happy with 3 as if it were a tie.


We were going to win, so I wouldn’t be.

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3 for a tie is inacceptable and unecessary. 5 is fair.

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I have never played a game with as many failures as this one. Every other game that has an unscheduled glitch will send compensation for little things, this was pretty big.

All are the world people are wasting time because of this shoddy programer gaff. Do the right thing SGG.


They don’t give compensations. This is the only game I’ve ever played that the players don’t receive compensation for stuff like this and it’s the biggest beef i have with SG, but unless I’m willing to quit there’s really nothing I can do about it. All I can do is shake my head, roll my eyes, and say “maybe next time they’ll get it right…”



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Uhhh…they actually have and do. I have seen a few EHT’s as an apology.


I never said anyone made me spend anything. I’m sharing facts

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Yeah, I’m pretty upset. I better get an epic hero token, I haven’t seen Dawa in like, a week.


Give everyone 3 points for war chest and 300 gems. Problem solved.


Another vote for 5 points


I would like to remind everyone to stay on topic. This is about deserving compensation and what that compensation should be. No one cares what you think about “getting scammed by the game.”


Not sure what an EHT is but now that you mention it i think i received a world energy flask once. Still, i sincerely doubt we’ll receive anything for this mishap, though 5 points would be nice since we were matched quite nicely and our strategy was winning.

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