War Chests loot Project

Please share it ! More people helping is precisely what we need!
Thanks @Math4lyfe

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Thank you for your help @Sarah2 !!

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You can contact me on line, my ID is pekaj.

Is the number and type of rolls in a war chest the same for everyone, regardless of team, alliance size, number of warring teams, war performance, etc?

It changes based on the % contribution on the War chest.

But no; the specific POINTS you earn in a war, nor the alliance size etc… have no impact on the war chest.


Yea it is just like @Guvnor says.
By the way OI plan to post some very early preliminary results this week, so I will answer to those questions more in depth by that moment.


First comment updated to show preliminary results!

Hi there, just bumping to remind people that may be close to opening a chest to submit their data!! BTW preliminary results at the top

5 custome keys ? :smiley:

I have just seen 3 and it was for an elemental chest :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw one of the chests of someone in my alliance and it had a whopping 5 keys! I got super surprised when I saw it lol

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Good to know that it is possible :slight_smile:

Results updated!!
20 results

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Bumpin’ this thread.

Anyone got more than 1 costume key from the war chests? I just got 4 in a single war chest just now.

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We’ve opened our war chest today and this is probably the best loot I’ve gotten from it so far:

And I did get 4 costume keys as well. :heart_eyes:

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Wow !! You have the best of everything there. Congrats…

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@Magnifique @Ultra I have actually seen up to 5 keys from an alliance member!



That’s good to hear. I inquired that because when I opened my war chest earlier immediately when we won the war, i was not surprised of the crappy loot i got from the said chest, but to the 4 costume keys appearing from the chest since all of my fellow members only got 1. I thought it was a “good” bug on my part but since @Magnifique has also posted a screenshot showing 4 keys, then and there I thought SG may have increased the amount of keys.

You say you saw your alliance member getting 5 keys. When was that? I thought it interesting since ive never read it being buffed in amount from war chests.

@Ultra that was almost at the start that keys arrived into the game. I got 3 keys on sunday in my war chest btw


Oh? Wow. I haven’t received more than 1 key since opening the war chests. Thanks, man

What language?

I’ll start collecting and posting

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