War chests - different rewards for players?

Dear developers!

Description of a war chest contains the following: “Rewards are based on how many victories you participated in”.

What exactly does it mean?

  1. If 30 players win 5 wars in one allience - they will get different loot, right?

  2. (assuming that loot will be different) “How many victories” - is it the amount of player’s war point? Or amount of kills?
    E.g. I can make 6 kills of wounded enemies, getting 20 points for each kill, but make 6 kills.
    Or I can beat 6 4100+ enemies, make 0 kiils, but get 150+ points.

Will loot depend on that stats?
Or it’s just a chest for 5 war victories, with a same loot for everyone?

Thanks for clarifications!

how many victories you participated in

I think it refers only to the wars in which you participate. Not in the level of participation (damage or enemies eliminated).

“how many victories you participated in” is not the same than “how much did you participate in”, isn’t it?

whats the point of war chests when the algorithms for AW are pearshaped anyway …
since the changes our alliance have lost every war , whereas prior we won about 45%

so , with no change to the matching I can only assume that the alliance will still win zero wars … = war chest booty unachievable …
wtg on adding prizes without fixing the problem

on the bright side I can now opt out b4 the rest of the alliance gets butchered.

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We have to see first loots from AW. Hopefully there will be guaranteed ascension material and not just a chance. Otherwise they will kill all motivation to participate in AW.

So people that can’t fill a chest don’t want to play AW, and those who can won’t want to either. Sounds fair!

:wink: :wink: :wink:

“how many victories you participated in” is not the same than “how much did you participate in”, isn’t it?

So you think “Rewards are based on how many victories you participated in” = “Win 5 wars and get a unified loot”?
I don’t know, maybe it is like this :slight_smile:
Maybe war chest works exactly like titan chest, where loot doesn’t depend on player’s performance on titans (you may get 5 D ranks and will have the same loot chest as the guy who got 5 A+).

I just want to know for sure, want a confirmation from game developers :slight_smile:
Guessing game leeds to nowhere :slight_smile:

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The thread about Version 15 feedback had some additional notes from the staff about the update.

Notably… War chests are tied to an alliance and not a player… so if a player changes alliances their war chest will be the same as their new alliance’s war chest progress… but the loot is based on “how many victories participated in”

So someone participating in all 5 alliance war wins will get more or better loot than someone who just joined in for win 5.


Right. My assumption is that there are five (or more) “tiers” of war chest loot. When the alliance wins its fifth victory, every current alliance member opens his or her own instance of the chest. If they were there for all five victories, they get War Chest Tier V and the best odds of good loot. Only been there for four victories? You get War Chest Tier IV, with lower odds of good loot. Etc.

This approach (which is entirely my assumption, unlinked from anything I’ve seen) would be consistent with how titan loot is structured. A+ performance always has better odds of rare mats and other goodies, but someone with a C performance may happen to draw better stuff.

I would like to see war chest loot tiers tied to the number of flags you used in victories. This would provide alliance leadership a carrot to encourage full participation in each war.


Rewards tied to flag use would be HUGE for alliance leaders, especially those alliances not full of top 500 players that know they should use all flags. I have to practically beg the bottom 1/3 of my alliance to use all their flags. They would rather not hit than post a 0-5 score.


And I sympathize with those guys scrounging up heroes to make a not-too-embarassing attack. My alt doesn’t have 30 war-ready heroes, and there’s a kamikaze feel of taking a bunch of 3* (not necessarily fully levels) or unleveled 4* in against three or four maxed 5* defenders. It’d be nice if I could steel myself up saying, “don’t let down the team, get better loot…die! die! die!” as I brace myself for Flag 6.


That’s exactly why they implemented this new war chest. People want to win now so they might be enticed to spend more money. Money is the root of anything they do. They have gotten pretty good at making the sheep think they are listening to us and giving us something to help ascension item problems.

Kerridoc, Ozz, thank you guys, that’s exactly what I wanted to know! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for bumping this topic, but is there is any description about how many slots for ascension mats are included into the war chest at different participation stages?

I have no idea but my last couple of war chest have been awful. 88.8% and 100% participation rates; 2 x tall boots in one and an almost useless hidden blade in the next.

If such a thread exists, I have not seen it in 2 years here.

Sorry. :cry:

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