War chest with 1 diamond

I played all wars for my alliance. War chest showed 20% participation and gave me 1 diamond. I left the alliance shortly one time but I only missed the cancelled war. Is that OK?

Where is the sense in that? Please explain that to me. I have not played a single attack for another alliance.

I refuse to play any war for this:

I also don’t like that everybody (even players not eligible for war) got the 75 gems for the cancelled war (27.10.2018) as an apology. I was not eligible and you gave me the diamonds.
This rule makes no sense. And my loot makes no sense either. There is no reason to erase my progress before I use a flag in another alliance’s AW.

@Petri @Rook guys I am sincerely asking you to justify this.

When you leave an alliance you forfit any participation you have. Even if you rejoin you have forfited you contribution and start at zero.

Is that ok? Yup, it prevents alliance hopping and rewards loyalty.

Not a bug, working as intended.

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When you leave the alliance, your participation resets to 0. If you return and fight in 1 war before the chest is opened, that’s all you get credit for.

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It prevents alliance hopping why? What have I done wrong? Did I get any loot anywhere else?
And where is the missing loyalty?

Sorry, but I miss all the sense there is to it.

SG wanted to minimize mercs in game and with that war chest they did it. if you are off mercing or alliance scouting you will not get any awards, once you leave your alliance your progress is gone.

The same thing happened to me when I stepped out to visit a friend. By the time the War Chest popped, I had 60% participation total out of all the wars because I had forfeited some of them (yes, your participation resets to ZERO every time you step out).

I got this:

To see your current participation percentage, click the war chest and read the note.

Your participation on your chest is 20%, so I would expect you to get less than I did.

You lost nothing…

I want to thank the Small Giant for hearing its players and changing the war chest resetting in the next update.

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