War Chest while Mercing

Just wondering, is it still true that war chest participation does not reset if you leave your alliance so long as you do not participate in any wars in other alliances? I’m asking because my alliance recently started from scratch due to an inactive leader, and we are mercing for the Path of Valor Quest. Thank you for your help.

War chest is specific to an alliance.

As soon as you participate in another alliance war for a different alliance, you join their war chest.

So as long as (while mercing) you don’t participate in any wars, your war chest contribution in your ORIGINAL alliance will remain… NOTE, if you miss an alliance war while you are mercing, the points for the chest will continue & you will just not get participation points for that war…

War Chest points are the same for an alliance as a whole. You just get a % participation based on how many wars you actually were involved with (i.e. attacked in).

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Thanks a lot! I knew I had read this a while back but just wanyed to be sure it hadn’t changed since. I’ll be sure to let my alliance know.

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