War chest - what's wrong


Maybe it’s little early to write this. But.
Updated game and saw war chest which need 5 alliance wins to open. So opening of the chest depends on same horrible matchmaker. Why I think it’s horrible? Because for all three months which I play with my alliance - we have about 80% opponents higher on 10k of alliance power than us; 20% with same alliance power; 0% lower on 10k. Last two opponents were higher on 13k and 17k(!!!) And was obviously defeated by them.
So it’s very good if we have 1 win against 3 defeats.
So I think war chest better to change:

  1. to personal war chest which everyone open after for example 10 wins on the battlefield (like raid chest)
  2. personal war chest which opens when player get in summary for example 1k points in war.
  3. alliance war chest which opens when alliance in summary get for example 20k points in war.
  4. alliance war chest which opens after for example 200 fully finished opponent players.

Main point to not depend war chest on that very bad war matchmaker and depend it on things which related to players skills and activity.

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I’m happy to give the chest a go, but you raise some good points and also some excellent alternatives


We have the same problem, probably haven’t won 5 wars since the wars started. Most of them aren’t even close either.


Hopefully the the personal and the automatic opt out will give some better pairings.

Wait and see/hear what’s in the box. :slight_smile:

According to Petri they look now into performance based pairing.

Cross your fingers that it will be implemented fast.


I have my concerns about this new chest including problems that @Sike already mentioned. That said I agree we should wait and see before jumping to conclusions. Also one other potential change to consider may be number of heroes killed in alliance too. It would need to be a bit high say 1000 (numbers for example only)

Pros and cons as I see them typing this my opinion only please let me know if I may have missed something

Pros: Number of kills alliance wide should encourage strategy.
By making it not victory based alliances will still be making progress even if they lose.
Should be limited to participation based reward, but that means if someone misses a war they still have incentive to try in future wars.

May encourage “Farming” of less powerful defense teams.
Difficult to implement from development resources available?
May need to be lower priority than season 2 development which is already at one province per month (estimate)

Tldr: We may need to wait and see, but some changes may need to be considered after seeing how it goes with war chests as is.


Wars are not matched on alliance scores … They are matched with the top 30 hero’s .


Thank you both for reply. But alliance power means something. And that something: they have more stronger defence teams which allow them to have more trophies. And better titan scores means they have more stronger attacks teams to finish more stronger titans. Which in summary means it’s stronger alliance especially if difference up to 17k.

And I don’t said that matchmaker depends on alliance scores. But results of matchmaker have very big difference in alliance powers on the battlefield. So it’s obvious that it needs to improve and chest must not be dependent of that matchmaker.

Not to say that this topic not about matchmaker itself. This about war chest and improvement that of chest


I personally like the AW updates as it’s a step in the right direction towards the ability to gain more mats considering all winners of said winning alliance gets an even share of mats and not just a few of them.

The opt out option for raids though I feel is quite expensive and although I understand the concept behind it I feel should if SG finds the need to charge for this then it should be at least halted.

Otherwise nice updates.



Just earned the war chest after 5 consecutive victories since its unveiling, and WOW what a middle finger. I think the most valuable thing in there was a one-star trainer hero; I’ve seen better loot out of daily videos. Absolutely massive disappointment.


Want to see what “rightful” defenders of a chest will say. Oh, I guess, I know: “It’s only RNG. You will get something good in next war chest, or in one after next. Or someday…”


SGG is in a “damned if you, damned if you don’t” situation: either everyone doesn’t get 57 ascension items from the chest and thus whining ensues, or there’s a high rate of items and thus whining will ensue about matching and the fact that somehow 50% of people need to lose each war is mystifying to people.


I am not understanding something here as our allience has done every AW’s for the last 2 months and since the update of chests was implemented and we have only done 4 since the update.

How is it you done 5 already?

I’m confused!


@Dante2377 - can’t give enough :sparkling_heart: to your post. :slightly_smiling_face:
For the life of me, I can’t understand why people complain about everything.


Please go and check the thread warchest tracking.


@Ozy1, somehow you are wrong. We got 17 war points, that is 3 wins, 2 defeats, that is 5 wars total.


@Larmi, most powerful 30 heroes? That is kind of hard to believe. We just fought an alliance whose leader had in his defense team more 5* heroes than our entire alliance. Needles to say that nobody even bothered attacking him, we just had our showdown with the others, which were pretty matched with our teams. It was a good war though…


I have 12 war points that is 2 wins, 2 loses which makes 4 wars total and we never opt out of any AW’s

@fishdreams is in my allience here will tell you the same thing


Happy for you that you had a good war.

Not attacking the leader with his 5* heroes might be a mistake sometimes if you need to reset your opponents.
At least you should very closely examine what he has and if one of your members has a team that is strong against his setup.

You can always colorstack against his tamk and when you destroy it your next attacker has a lot easyer fight.

Best regards



We also won the chest. What a dissapointment 2 regular summon 1 item for ascention 1 trainer hero 3 gems


I think the problem is that in the first AW with AW chests, the chest required 5 points to fill, 1 point per victory, while defeats didn’t count at all. On the next AW SGG moved to a chest which requires 25 points, 5 for victories, 1 for defeats. In this transition they gave 5 points to alliances that won the first war (moved from 1/5 to 5/25), but they didn’t give 1 points to those that lost the first war (who moved from 0/5 to 0/25).
My alliance also lost that first war and now we have 16 points, 3 victories and 1 defeat for a total of 4 AW counted instead of 5.