War Chest - What changes de drop rate?

What are the factors that changes the drop rate for the items in the war chest besides the participation of the player?
Does the alliance score changes anything? Flags used? Winning streaks?

No, it’s entirely participation.

So your war chest loot had the same rolls and probabilities regardless of score, team power, wins or the alliance score.


I think you ment that the loot looks a lot less as before?
I have noticed too, always in top 5 of my alliance.
But the loot is terrible last 4 won wars.
But I think it is bad luck, as my mates with lower ranking, had far more luck as me :wink:

Loot tickets in war loot were nerfed in Version 27 update. It’s mentioned in the release notes.

Not sure if other loot was adjusted, but across the board there’s been a general sense of worse loot than before whether Titans, wanted chests, war chests etc … but no doubt it will be categorised as ‘random’.

  • War Participation as mentioned

  • More Wins VS loses per fresh chest… (IE Winning at your alliances War Cap @20 Penalties)

3 Loses in a Chest - Average
2 Loses in a Chest - Above Average
1 Losses in a Chest - Good
Clean Chest - Zero Losses - Great

(link to full image

*Link to full image in thread below)


Thread link: (For full images)


So all you have to do to get a good war chest is win all of your wars? Sounds easy enough. Now for the real question…how to win every war :thinking:

So there’s nothing discouraging me of re-making my alliance from time to time in order to get easier battles in the beggining and winning chests easily? That sounds… wrong =S

That’s correct.

It’s not hacking or cheating as far as the developers are concerned.

It exploits the matchmaking system.

Lots of players don’t like it.

Others say that it’s simply getting a competitive advantage within the rules.

Personally, I don’t like it and and I’d like to see the loophole closed, but while it’s there I’m not going to get upset about people using it.

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Wouldn’t it be easy to attach a war score to each person and then the alliances score is the average of the opted in players? This wouldn’t be based on each players previous war performance, but how the alliances, for which they participated, performed. This should eliminate the new alliance creation issue, I would think.

Maybe I’m making it too simple.

Well i just have to express my eternal gratitude for the amazing gifts SG throw at us all the time. Currently #1 in the world (yeah i know how it works so its just to point out how lame it is even if you spend a loooot to get to the top)!

Back to my new game where they actually are quite generous, even tho they have a great model for earning money.

Maybe I should mention the game name just to see SG “make an effort” by erasing the post :grin:?

That’s just sad :confused:
C’mon guys, this is a big flaw on the game…

War chests recently are just a joke, they used to be full of goodies.
We play all these wars over a period of weeks and when you eventually open the chest… Nothing… !
This game is becoming very disappointing.
The more they try to force me to buy ascension materials the more i resist. I don’t feel like sponsoring or paying money anymore to people who are deliberately trying to annoy and frustrate their customers.

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