War chest: visual bug after collection

Won a war, popping open the war chest going from 24/25 prior so should be 4/25 after:

Collected the chest:

Still shows 24/25 visually and 16% (4/25 from the new chest?) participation.

Been about an hour, restarted the game and still shows the same. Other alliance members saying this also.

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We had exactly the same situation for all members of the Alliance after the end of the last war. After a while, it began to show the correct result.

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Now that i posted the bug it seems to have resolved itself and is showing 4/25 and 100% participation.


You did the right thing when you wrote about this error. Let SG know that there is such an error. I was busy, I didn’t have time to take a screenshot and show it.

Thanks for the second! Good to know this Affects all players and should be reproducible even if not a high priority bug.

I saw a similar bug to this during POV where I finished a daily quest and gained a level. I was able to collect the new items however the main progress bar never moved. After a while the bar did update.

Thanks, that is a good point and I have seen that also. PoV progress bar always updates for me when I reopen that window. This war chest was more persistent in its duration.

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