War chest tracking

Not that bad…


My alliance mate… Just WOW!!!



LOL. How many Atlantis coins? Too embarrassed to show? :partying_face:

under 5 for sure :wink:

From today:



No non-farmables, no golden tokens…
For a chest that needs so much work and time invested in, this is ridiculous…
Yes, there are 50 emblems (actually 51), but still discouraging.

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I enjoy the wars so the rewards are a bonus. Our war chests give most of our players nice ascension items (somewhere along the line). I don’t think it’s crazy to spend some time to use 6 flags in the hope of getting an ascension item.

The 50 emblems were nice to add to my collection… up to 186 now. Just waiting on a good rogue to spend them on. :laughing:

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Nice to know 50 emblems loot still exists.
I got 5! Think they forgot to add a zero after the five to become 50. My best was 30 considering all sources


No more coin slot?


@Kerridoc, we have another elemental chest stealth nerf type problem or bug?

That’s weird—I’ve always seen two summons tokens in war chests. Silver usually, but there’s at least a chance at better.

@petri could you please check if this is a bug or a change?

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im only speculating, but for the chests (monster/raid) you ussualy have a first toss: common loot or big loot (for example: battle item, gems and emblem/token OR battle item, gems, emblem/token , atlantis coins, trainer)

could be the same here… the common loot choice

I always thought every kind of chest has their own slots, which for everyone you roll the dice and can get a small of big price.

And it seems some slots are missing here.

We haven’t made changes to the rewards, but yes - while it’s unlikely, it is possible to not receive tokens from the War Chest.


Ok, horrible chest but still “normal”.

I think this kind of rewards shouldn’t be possible for the effort required, but i save this polemic for another time.

Thanks for your reply.

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Right - so the slots are there, but there’s a chance for a null roll.

@elpis i will joke now and hope you’ll smile

best to think that 3 silver came and 3x1* troops showed for your 20+ lvled troops…; so you’ve saved some food, imo :smile:


could we get the war chest and element chest odds displayed like the tournament does.


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