War chest tracking

Less than 100% participation might result in less loot. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the percentage of participation would be [Number of victories the member has participated] * 20 + [Number of defeats the member has participated] * 4. Whatever number there is, it should be a multiple of 4.

There are correct ways to generate loots for less than 100% participation, let’s hope they didn’t do something wrong.

I’m noting the 100% participation level I see in all these chests.

If we win next war, my participation will be well less than 100%, as I changed alliances before the first win, then went out visiting on a titan pass day between wars, so I’ve got credit for 1/1 loss and 2/4 wins even tho I was fighting in 3/4 wins… so I’ll get to see how the results of a 50-70% chest look.

But surely this slot sharing is what allows a mystic rings or a scope to drop from a 100 monster chest or a mystic vision

I don’t understand because I am full participation, and leader of my alliance so I have been opted in since the beginning…I have only had 4 wars so far, and yes I have been opted in the whole time. 3/3 wins; 1/1 loss; How is it that I am only at 16/25 chests full, when you guys have 5 wars already?

Becuase the first war with a chest didn’t give 1 point for the loss…
So your alliance lost the first war where a chest was available and won the next 3 and lost 1 For 16 points.

Thank you so much. Makes sense now! Appreciate the feedback. I will add my chest contents as soon as I open!

Well that blows. I wonder what happens with “carryover?” Like if you hit 26 points. Do you start with 1 or just start at zero?

someone said that in beta it did carry over…doesn’t mean it will in production though

the chests look great
i understand the farmable vs unfarmable mats

kind of makes you wonder how farmable mats got the same rarity rating as unfarmable mats in the first place

the chests look great

i understand the farmable vs unfarmable mats complaints though, that has always been an issue that has never been addressed

kind of makes you wonder how farmable mats got the same rarity rating as unfarmable mats in the first place

i mean when i first started playing over a year ago and people talked about 3* mats 4* etc.

i assumed 3* mats were what you needed to max 3* heros, 4* mats were what you needed to max 4* heros, and 5* are mats are what you needed to max 5*.

then found out it wasnt that way at all and kind of curious as to why isn’t the mat rating system that way? anyone know?

No complaints from me


Looks similar to elemental chest to me, which is about the best we could hope for I suppose. Takes 2 or more weeks to get it, but oh well we can all use ascension items.

This is an example of terrible loot. Is it too much to ask for a gauranteed non-farmable ascension mat?

I got 2x tall boots, 1x dragon banner and 1x silver token… for all the work and effort and always using all flags… why bother with wars? I literally have no motivation after this…
there was a 3* trainer too… big whoop…

War chest from today. Also getting reports of Damascus blades, hidden blades, warm capes, fine gloves and epic troop/hero tokens from my alliance.

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Mine :

Good for me, I need some gloves.
Other players get some good loot too apparently in my alliance.


So far about 70% of my alliance is reporting 1 or 2 nonfarmable mats

for all the effort invested, war chest should be better than element chest…


@littleKAF @General_Confusion - I didn’t see a definitive answer to this. Evidently the points do NOT carry over :disappointed_relieved: We had 21 points before our win today. The war chest has been rest to 0/25… So sad…

that sucks 20 characters and more.

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