War chest tracking

I’m happy with that. I also got two grey tokens and some gems and atlantis coin.


Here a couple of my teammates


I got a shield and a compass. Only about half of my alliance members reported so far but some did get 4* materials I think I’ve seen 7-8 so far 4*. A good amount of gold tokens too. Of course some people got the unlucky farmable 3* stuff too so take with salt. Overall I’m liking what I’m seeing. I had already loved war but the chest makes it 10 times better.


So we need more opportunities to get unfarmable mats, and while not guaranteed, we’re clearly seeing an opportunity to get unfarmable mats…

And still some people aren’t happy…

I don’t understand!? Are you people just hooked on hating e and p?


I am happy with the chests.

My whining about slot sharing between farmable and unfarmable 3* mats was on a general level.

I got no unfarmables or gold coins but seems like the majority of our alliance got at least one good item

A titan flask and compass is disappointing? What did you expect? I’m in need of 4* ascension items but I wouldn’t call that a disappointment.


Actually these chests look kinda nice. It has brought some of our inactive players out lately and judging by the look of some chests, it’s better than other chests or at least slightly more rewarding


Would you people just post the chests in this thread and discuss in another whether they’re good or bad? Thanks!

I prefer the discussion. Makes me laugh at how silly people are. And I really don’t need to see more. I get what the chest contains. And I can’t wait to get one!!!


Hahaha called it

Trash rewards for a lot of effort

See. This is the silly type of response I laugh at. I would be more than happy to take your “trash.”

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more like get depressed, i get better loot from my hero and titan chests and the free loot tower.

How are people opening war chests we only had 4 wars w the war chest?

Today ended the fifth. I think you just lost count. Or maybe it had to do with changing alliances or opting in and out.

I don’t have screen shots, but we had a majority of those that commented in our alliance, saying they had great loot - what is great depends largely on what you need, of course. From what I have heard, I would definitely say the war chest is rewarding. Of course, the RNG is not going to make everyone happy all the time, but if the average loot remains at this level, it will definitely feel like a reward (unlike the regular war loot, which mostly is very underwhelming).

I say, well done SG!


I have a question if I missed a WAR match because I recently joined an alliance but have been participating in all of them after that what percentage is that?

Strongly agree

Meow meow meow

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I’m also (mildly) curious as to what a war chest with less than 100% participation might look like. But it may well be no such chest has been rewarded yet. :slight_smile:

I got it. We lost the first chest war and didn’t get any points before they started giving 1 for loses.

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