War chest tracking


No more coin slot?


@Kerridoc, we have another elemental chest stealth nerf type problem or bug?

That’s weird—I’ve always seen two summons tokens in war chests. Silver usually, but there’s at least a chance at better.

@petri could you please check if this is a bug or a change?

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im only speculating, but for the chests (monster/raid) you ussualy have a first toss: common loot or big loot (for example: battle item, gems and emblem/token OR battle item, gems, emblem/token , atlantis coins, trainer)

could be the same here… the common loot choice

I always thought every kind of chest has their own slots, which for everyone you roll the dice and can get a small of big price.

And it seems some slots are missing here.

We haven’t made changes to the rewards, but yes - while it’s unlikely, it is possible to not receive tokens from the War Chest.


Ok, horrible chest but still “normal”.

I think this kind of rewards shouldn’t be possible for the effort required, but i save this polemic for another time.

Thanks for your reply.

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Right - so the slots are there, but there’s a chance for a null roll.

@elpis i will joke now and hope you’ll smile

best to think that 3 silver came and 3x1* troops showed for your 20+ lvled troops…; so you’ve saved some food, imo :smile:


could we get the war chest and element chest odds displayed like the tournament does.


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Ok, now i’m kinda starting get pissed.

That’s my third war chest in a row that rewards are a huge disappointment.


No 4* items, no epic coins, 10 emblems in all 3.
And before someone try to say they see good stuff… they are not.

I’m a patient person, but 3 chest like this meaning 15 wars.
15 wars took minimum 5 weeks, aka more then a month. Minimum, for many of us much more.

This is a huge kick in the teeth.

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Not bad


Some of our members are reporting nice ascension items from the war chest.

the participation and the use of all the shots of your alliance makes the difference in the degree of the war chest?

Not a war chest but this is pretty shabby for a 100% participation win and being 4th highest attacker :frowning: