War chest scandalous drop

Today I received war chest. We had 27/25 points, so it’s clear that we needed 7 wars.
I used all 42 attacks, I was first in my alliance in 4/7 wars and in the 3 others i was between 2-4 place.

After picking up the chest I found out that my participation is 24%… It’s a joke?
This is my drop:

I would like to be able to pick up my prize one more time, without any scams.

If you participated in all 7 wars in the same alliance, then you should submit a ticket to support.

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Wow that is a bummer! :thinking:

If you leave the alliance for any reason, like mercing, then return, you lose the accumulated participation points and start over from scratch.

If you’ve never left, then that sounds like a bug to be reported and hopefully fixed.


It seems your participation to that chest is 24%.
We can assume a 100% participiation would have granted you a 4 times better loot.

When looking at your alliance, I can see that it shows you joined 7 days ago, so during the time it took to fill the AW chest, you at least once left and rejoined your alliance.

If you leave an alliance, you will sadly lose your AW participation up to that point.


Can You show me which number of “Release Notes” included that rule?

It’s true, I’m left alliance for about 15 minutes, looking for new allies, but i did that between wars. I always read release note for every patch, but for sure I checked once again official announcements since war chest was added and still don’t know why I shoul to suspect what the war chest rules are and not to base on official announcements.

I don’t think this rule was ever covered in any release note, but it is the rule, for now.

Edit: Release notes doesn’t normally cover the specific mechanics behind implementations, but are more general.

You might find this rule/mechanic discussed in the big thread about AW in the General Discussion category.

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