War Chest - Returning to the Alliance after it's full

I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find this exact scenario/question. but we have a member that needs to step down for a war and will return after it ends.

we will most likely fill our war chest on this next war.

i fully understand the correlation to participation within the loot of the war chest. but what i’m wondering is if the chest will actually be full and available for her when she returns? or will she completely miss out on the war chest since she wasn’t there for the war that filled it.

she will not be hitting another war while out of the alliance so resetting the participation is not a concern in this scenario.

appreciate the assistance in advance

she will find a full chest when she is back as long as she doesn’t participate with any other alliance war

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That’s good to know. Thank you!

But if I remember correct, even though she comes back to a full chest the loot will be reduced based on her participation percentage. So she’ll get a chest, but the loot won’t be as good as those who participated in 100% of the wars.

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correct on the participation. which i already knew the participation would be reduced regardless. which is why that wasn’t a concern within the question, we new she would be shy the one war.

but for the chest to even be there and available upon her return if it becomes full while she is gone is definitely the concern. so i’m glad to hear it will still be there an available, just slightly reduced loot.