War chest reset

From what I read in the vers.15 feedback thread (Version 15 Feedback & Discussion ) , my war chest counter will be reset if I leave my alliance.

This will be the end of those group of players that organized themselves in two (or more) alliances splitting the players by experience level. This was very useful for newcomers that could learn from experienced people, for experienced players that could be easily replaced when absent for some time (or just needed a break from intense titan battles).

And, of course, this is the end of the common practice of helping other alliances with hard titans.

I can see what we will lose but I really don’t get who’s going to benefit from this change.

Does anyone knows the reason behind this?

P.S. not being in the release note, many don’t believe me when i tell them about this change. Please add it to the Release Note.

PP.SS. I would really love to be corrected should I have misunderstood what this change implies!


I agree that this a concerning change.

SGG has yet to make any mechanics change to reflect the reality of alliance families. This hasn’t been a big issue (although the timer on the Titan chest does already remove some flexibility), but these war chests will further lock people in to one alliance, making moves between alliances more costly because leaving the alliance, you sacrifice all of the contributions you’ve made into that chest.

One change would help: if you leave an alliance and return within, say, 12 hours, you don’t reset your war chest. This is a short enough time to help with another Titan but not another war.


That would help a lot.

Even better: your chest is reset only if you are not back in the Alliance in time for next war.

This would give some flexibility and ensure wars and participating players are consistent.

Quite alot of changes have been made to this game because of helping with titans. I don’t think that argument will sway devs.

Nope. No, No.

This is a good change. It will help prevent rampant cheating with the matchmaking trickery and yanking teams so the opponents can’t score. I am a one hundred percent advocate for this change.


All the devs are doing/continuing to do is prove which mercs are the ones that say they ONLY do it to be helpful. If they want to be helpful then surely they will give up things, like their war chest, if their intentions are as true and pure as some have stated. Mercs certainly aren’t in it for the extra loot chance.

(Please read this with a hit of snark. Just in case it isn’t clear, I’m poking fun).


That has been addressed by another change.

The war chest reset contribution is … going to kill the game …


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Im 100% with this change its good now we will have less floaters and more dedication to alliance brilliant change devs well done :blush::blush::wink:


Perhaps the devs need to implement a way for mercs to merc without penalties in other areas of the game?

What about Alliance Projects? Buildings the alliance can build as a team effort that give buffs / new abilities to the alliance? One of these could be to invoke the help of X (depending on lvl of Wonder) extra attacks from … mercs? Another could be the building that allows for (limited) trading of ascension items?

I think that might be a next evolutionary step in E&P: Alliance Projects.

The description of the war chest is the same of the elemental chests. I think the loot will be like them.

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Someone reported a bug here “War chest error” that looks very similar to the expected behaviour of war chest reset.

Of course if he did not exit the alliance it’s definitely a bug!

What do you think?

Anyone just think devs are trying to deter the growing number of alliances in order to fill up the existing ones and make it easier to collect and track data?

Not saying that is what they’re doing but less alliances would make their job easier with a few features in the game. Matchmaking and loot tracking are two examples.

Less alliances, less problems. People have complained before about every other new player that joins the game starting an alliance and i have a feeling these war chests may be to deter that and encourage them to join an established alliance that actually has chances of winning wars.

One more benefit for full Alliance, but this chest is not near important as titan loot and that is the greater advantage for the ones that have 30 members.

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@Petri is there any thought to @Kerridoc ‘s comment above about alliances that are teams? This war chest participation counter is preventing me from going to any of my other three alliances to help coach my newer teammates. Perhaps creating a way to have the bigger alliance groups (I.e. Seven Days, Crystal, etc) link to one another so members do not lose the participation credit when they go to other alliances within their families?

Another idea would be as stated above that you do not lose your participation count towards the alliance chest so long as you return prior to the subsequent war starting.

Most all top 100 alliances have several alliances that work together as a team and this makes it difficult to maintain that community.

My sister alliance needs some help stabilizing right now and my co-leaders and I are discouraged that we will lose credit for the war we just won.

I know you have a war break this weekend. Perhaps that could be coded at that time?



I am really curious abot the chest goodies. If it is something even like the present elemental chests that are just giving a 3* mat or nothing, there is going to be a massive backlash.

The descripion is the same from them, so i wouldn’t expect nothing more than 3 rolls for AM, 3 for tokens and 1 for flask. Maybe some coins and gems.

Anyone know of any updates on this topic? Rael’s question/ concern is the same of ours and others who have sister alliances. We have two alliances, split by experience/power, but sometimes people may temporarily join one until a spot in the other is open, or as the group changes somebody finds themselves fitting better into the other.

It has nothing to do with mercs. Hopefully this changes.

But here is the problem with not being able to keep your war chests when you leave an alliance. I joined this one and was one of the lower ranked now I am number 2 behind the leader and there are only like 7 active members out of the 27 that are in the alliance I am top 3 for titan damage every time and yet the majority of the alliance doesn’t even join the titan fights or wars. As a result out of a month of always participating in wars I have 14/25 for my war chest if I leave now it’s all worth nothing so I have to stay until the chest of complete before I leave the alliance it sucks

We all have asked to change the rule a bit (for example to allow people come back before the next war).

I don’t know if they’ll change it, but I believe this rule (in a form or another) is here to stay to stabilize Alliances.

I agree that this participation reset is ■■■■. Why must MY war chest be linked to an alliance. Surely the war chest should reflect what i have done… not in relation to where it was done.

Personally i am on a road trip around e&p world. I am not ‘mercing’. Every week or so i go to a different alliance. Different people. Diff strategies. Diff dynamics.
I truely do not understand the rationale why my effort in each alliances war means nothing…!?
I still had to fight and hopefully win.

I think the participation % should purely be linked to your performance (and nothing to do with where)… and how many flags you use. So if i use only 3 flags i get 50% performance for that war.

Wars only come around twice a week so i dont see abuse happening like with old titan loot for mercs

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