War chest question

If I move alliance now, do I lose all my war chest progress? I believe that’s what it states but I’m hoping not. Surely it should carry with you as you have participated in those wars, win or lose.

You lose your participation. If you’re going to change alliance, do it right after you open a chest


I can’t be the only one that thinks that’s a little bogus. Just because you move alliance, you shouldn’t lose your progress for participation

No this is not Bogus.

War chest is an alliance/team effort and you have to sacrifice something if you are puting your personal interest above your alliances interest.


So if a player, plays for a team in a team event and is eligible for a medal, but leaves to move to a new team, is that person not entitled. To their reward for their prior efforts?

If he waits until the event is finished he is entitled for a medal.


I think this is a further move against mercs. It seems that leaders asking for mercs are also being banned from global chat.

if ‘they’ really wanted to ‘move’ against mercs why not make a requirement to join an alliance? That would do it…why all the incremental steps and subterfuge?

I don’t know.
Maybe I should stress that this is just my personal opinion not an official position of SGG. I’m just observing and drawing conclusions

A little overstated, perhaps? There are reasons to switch alliances TO HELP your alliance. We just encountered such a situation. And I can think of at least two more fairly plausible situations that happen regularly where a player may help his alliance by switching alliances, and/or stepping aside temporarily. In doing so in some of these cases it may actually hurt the player themselves not even considering the warchest.

I would like to point out that I have only ever been in one alliance and am not necessarily for or against mercenaries. I have never been one. The situation we had, nor the other instances I can think of would have to do with mercenaries either.

Is the loot in the war chest a fixed amount?, and if I move up to parent alliance, will it redistribute to my other alliance members…a gift?

Does the answer to this question still hold true after the updates since this orginal post? “You lose your participation. If you’re going to change alliance, do it right after you open a chest”

No like almost every other loot it is RNG!
You fill the chest together but everybody gets his/her own rolls.

Yes, leave before the chest is opened and you get nothing.

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