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Hi all!
I’ve just been asked this question I’m not able to answer. What if a player leaves the alliance in the middle of the war chest? In case he’ll come back in few days, are the points earned in previous wars calculated or is his participation percentage reset to zero?
Thank you so much for your help!

As long as he doesn’t participate in another war in a different Alliance it’ll pick up where it left off


Thank you so much. So if he does partecipate to another war in another alliance the war chest percentage will come back to 0%.
Thanks a lot indeed!

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No if he participates in another War he will get the points for that war but wherever he ends up when he finishes the chest it will be shorted percentage-wise

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For example if he only needs one point to finish a chest and he finishes in a different Alliance he will get small percentage of loot because he would not have participated at 100%

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Yes of course.
My question was related to the previous chest. I try to explain better: the player leaves the alliance with a 50% participation in the war chest. He does 1 war only in another alliance and then come back in the previous one. Will the 50% partecipation made before the leaving be counted at the end of the chest or will his participation be zeroed (as if it were the first time he enters and participates)?

you never lose what you put in.

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I did five different Alliance Wars in 1 chest my loot/ participation was horrible but it still added up.


Thank you very much for your help and your time :slight_smile:

No problem. Happy to help. Good luck. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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