War chest progress not reset after opening the chest

just opened the war chest (which was 24/25 before the war), and now it is back at 24/25 with 16% participation.
fix this :poop:, but you better not roll back anything, since my war chest loot was pretty good!

You encountered a favorable bug to you and you are whinging? I have never heard of a chest opened at 24/25, given loot and given you an offer of a full chest on the next win?

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The same issue, before winning war had 23/25 points, and after opening war chest it didn’t reset to zeros! Only difference is, that my chest was complete rubbish!

This happens to me. It goes back to 24/25 after opening the chest, but eventually it will be zero before next war starts (or whatever amount of points spilled over from victory). It’s a weird bug.

@KiraSG I guess this is a side effect of servercrash yesterday?
We seen this happen before when there was servercrash during wartime. Guess some more work from devs is needed…

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