War chest points disappear



I didn t change alliance between 15.1 and now (and always in “Jeu et Honneur” alliance)

In 15.0

In 15.1

and now in 15.2 :scream_cat: my sweet little points :sob:

I wrote a request this afternoon


My French is kind of non-existent, and I don’t have the pictures taken of the previous versions of the game.

But, I was under the impression when 15.1 was released, you get 1 point per war victory (0 points for losing) and 5 gets the chest filled. But after 15.2 released, they changed it so that each victory is 5, loss is 1, and 25 gets you to fill the war chest. I assume your alliance won the war since the war chest was introduced, so now that instead of 1 victory point, you got the equivalent of 5 points added to your coffers?

We’ve only had one war since the war chest was introduced, there was maintenance break this past weekend, so there was no war.


La même réponse en français au cas où
On est passé de 1 point par victoire et 5 victoires nécessaires dans la 15.1 à 5 points par victoire ou 1 point par défaite et 25 points nécessaires donc 5 victoires aussi dans la 15.2 ou 25 défaites :slight_smile:


Could you change the game language to English and see if it’s correct? (mine says I have participated in 1/1 victories and 0/0 defeats)

Alliance Wars chest participation discrepancy

I’m puzzled. Your war chest was 20% full. Now it’s 20% full. What is the issue?


@Kerridoc The text is the issue. It says “you haven’t participated in any war and won’t receive any reward”.


I can’t change language for 2 pictures (old version)

I try to explain better.

  • I had a chest with 1 point (1/5) in version 15.0
  • I had a chest with 5 points (5/25) in version 15.1 (ok it s normal ×5)
  • And now i have 0 point (0/25) in version 15.2. I have “You have not participated any war”. Chest points reset with the update 15.2 but i don t do anything special between 15.1 and 15.2 (just hit my titan and many provinces)


@mariamne, are you the only member in “game and honor” to have the problem. if yes
sends a support ticket to SG.
I am not in the same case, my alliance lost the last war.


Yes, others players in my alliance don’t have this problem. I did a request yesterday. I tried to change language : english … same number 0


Êtes-vous sûre que vous n’êtes pas sorti(e) de votre alliance depuis cette victoire qui vous donne 5 points ?
Cela expliquerait la perte de votre participation


I have a answer.
Sgg team explain me it s a known issue. It s a visual problem. I will wait the patch/correction.

J ai reçu ma réponse.
Sgg m a repondu que le problème est connu. Il s agit d un problème d affichage. Je vais attendre le correctif.

Alliance Wars chest participation discrepancy