War chest pitty points

Today, our Alliance won our 5th War to finish the 25 points needed for War chest. It took us 6 wars to fill the chest, with one lost war. This had us at 21/25 going into the final win.

After opening chest, I am now at 0/25, when I would have expected to be at 1/25. The pitty point did not carry over. This means your alliance would need to lose 5 wars before winning 5 wars before the pitty point is worth anything.

Either a bug, or poor design. It should carry over like the Atlantis summon chest does.


It’s like every raid and monster chest. The counter is zeroed each time you fill the chest. I wish they designed it like that.

Absolutely agree. This is with us . Is this a mistake or an oversignht.

Neither. It’s by design.

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Okay, but is it a reasonable design? It greatly reduces the value of the “pity point” from a war defeat.

The only other chest in game that has no timer is the Season 2 portal Ascenion box. If you have made 4 pulls with coins and then buy a 10x with gems, you fill the box and carry a credit of 4 forward to the next. I think war chests should do the same.


It allows a team to win 4/9 and open the chest (that’s nearly 50% which should be a decent average). If you win 3/13, it works too but that’s just bad war play. There are other combinations too.

It seems fair. If I’m 39/40 on raids and wipe the other team, I don’t start 4/40.

Remember, it was 1 point for a win and 0 for a loss til recently.

It’s not the same to win a raid and to win a war, so it shouldn’t be compared…
We are currently 19/25 so if we won incoming war we won’t even bother in the next one, there is no incentive. I think this should be fixed.

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I think it’s a big oversight. Skipping titans to get an easier kill with full flags is fine. “Skipping” wars (losing on purpose) when the chest is 24/25 in order to get an easier match up in the next war is not fine. This system with no overflow encourages this behavior.

0 points from draws makes a bit more interesting when two alliances with 24/25 chests match up but for the wrong reasons.

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seen this coming…
1st things 1st the only chest War chests even compare to are Titan chests. So I’m not understanding the raid and monster chest comparisons, this is not a solo or daily chest. Not even a weekly chest which makes this 1 point issue even more crucial. This is a monthly chest, more rare than elemental chests, and harder to fill than atlantis summons chests.

Hope we see a fix

I’ve been swayed. Best argument I heard was @DotCom and @muhveli. We are currently 23/25. If we happen to lose the next one, we would have no incentive to play the last one other than pride.

Here’s a suggestion that I expect to be controversial. What if the rule said you can’t open chest with a loss? So you have to win point 25? It eliminates the no effort concern. However, it does not address the desire for point carryover. It seems to fix the issue but not with the solution that results in more AM (I said it would be controversial).

This would negate the reason for the ‘1 point for a loss’ rule. Alliances were losing multiple wars in a row and it would take them months to win enough wars to fill the chest. Although it is less frequent that we see these streaks now, they still happen. If they implemented a rule that you can’t open the chest on a loss, this would hurt those alliances on losing streaks.

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To me the incentive to win the war, is to win the war!

If an individual alliance wants to throw their victory because they have 24/25, that is certainly their perogative, but I don’t think it would even be a topic of discussion in our alliance.

We’d mention “oh well,” if we lost, we’d still fill our chest, but I’m positive not one of our members would stop fighting because the extra points wouldn’t count.

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You can still lose 5 and have it be the same as a win (from a points perspective).


not nice, but considering the half-arsed agile development of the game lately (first the riposte, now def debuff / gretel bug), not that surprising.

oversight maybe, more like too few words in dev spec contracted.

Luckily New patch is here to save the Day.


War Chest adjustments and fixes:

  • Alliances now receive 3 points from draws.
  • Surplus points now carry over to the next War Chest

And that’s that. Done deal. Thanks SG.