War chest participation

Why is my war chest saying only 52% participation when I’ve used every flag in every war.

When did you join this alliance? The only thing I can think about is that you joined when the war chest was already around half filled. This way you would only have a participation level around 50% at this stage of the war chest, even if you used 100% of the war flags since joining. If so, you’ll get 100% participation level for the next war chest if you use all available war flags.

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I think @Ian487 is right, it looks like @Jmonster joined this alliance 18 days ago.

@Jmonster if you joined the alliance for the first time, or returned after leaving before version 18 came out, you won’t have full participation on this chest if there were wars before you joined.


I’ve Merced but have participated in every war.

Prior to latest update, leaving the alliance reset your participation in the chest. Since the last major update you should be able to leave, but if you fight in another alliances war then you are reset.

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It’s because I left to Merc and came back it’s my alliance I created with my girlfriend so have competed in every war

Well, mercing seems to have it’s ups as well as it’s downs… your problem is definitely related to that somehow…

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