War chest participation when switching alliances

I switched alliances a couple of weeks ago, and when I did my war chest was at 16 out of 25 and I participated in every war.

Since moving to my new alliance, I have continued to participate in every war. Today my war chest was filled and when I went to open it, it only showed 39% participation and gave me correspondingly crappy loot.

Is it supposed to work this way? I don’t see why I wouldn’t have got 100% participation.

Forgot to screenshot the first couple of items, but they were just a 1* and 2* farmable mat.


As it was said by @Sara. Open a ticket as I did (got same Problem)

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How full was the war chest when you joined your new alliance? Remember, the war chest is particular to the alliance. If the war chest was 60% full when you joined, then it makes sense that your participation is about 40%.

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The war chest was at 16/25 when I joined the new alliance, so I understand where the participation number is coming from, but that doesn’t seem right to me - I participated in every alliance war with my old alliance and my new alliance to fill my chest, should I not receive loot commensurate to that level of participation?

Although, if I understand you correctly, my chest with my current alliance is a actually a “new chest” and it was just coincidence that both alliances we’re at the same progress point?

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Yes, that;s right — its a cost of switching alliances. You abandoned your claim on your former alliance’s war loot, but you hadn’t earned a full share of your new alliance’s war loot (because you weren’t there to earn it. War loot contribution doesn’t move from alliance to alliance.


Before someone can ask the question, you give up your claim on your former alliance’s war loot as soon as you participate (let’s assume getting matched to participate counts) in another alliance’s war. If you accidentally leave or get kicked you can still go back to the proper chest. This was one of the recent updates.


Thanks for the clarification and justification as to why the mechanic works as it does, greatly appreciated.


@Coppersky If I understood correctly then the update is still buggy… In my case what happened today is that I was at 100% war chest participation (10pts) during the war in which I participated and spent all my lives as well. Then I left the alliance and rejoined it an hour later before the war was actually finished (didn’t switch to another alliance at all). We won the war (15pts total now), but my participation was reset to 66 percent and I didn’t receive the loot either.

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I’ll follow up with this. I’d checked in with other players after one of the previous updates, and they were sure it was working properly.

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Recently I had to switch alliance because the former alliance disbanded for unknown reasons (for me at least). At that time I had 18/25 progress on the war chest with 100% participation. Now after wars I have 24/25 progress with 25% participation. So I guess after the next war there is incoming some bad loot. It will feel like that I have sacrifised many weeks war time for absolutely nothing. So why the developers punishes me if I have to switch alliance? I didn’t want to switch in the first place but there was no future with the remains of few other ally.

And now I’m in the new alliance where I have to stick until the war chest is achieved. After that I have to make a choice whether to stick with the alliance or seek more active alliance. If I decide to stick with the current alliance then I have to stick with it at least for the next 5 wars or worse (averagely 8-9 wars) which binds me to that alliance for many weeks. And of course, there is a chance that alliance can disband again from beneath and the war chest progress is again reset due mandatory alliance switch.

I don’t want to hop between two certain alliances, I just want to find easily new active alliance if the current alliance is doomed to disband or is too lazy. Don’t punish from trying to be active and useful for the game society.

Well then there’s a bug, but it’s the other way around. You participated for 9/25 of the chest and you should’ve had 36% participation at the end, not 39%.

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