War chest participation and can we have our 1 point please?

Couple things here, I’ve played in every war in my alliance but I am missing one, can you have a look as to why? I think it’s cause I stepped out between wars but surely it should still regognise that I was in the previous war.

Secondly I think all those that lost the first war under old point system should be credited with their missing point.

Finally while I’m here for a mobile game the forum sure is not mobile friendly. Please have a look at that.

  1. Unfortunately if you leave an alliance, you lose all accumulated points towards the war chest, even if you come back to the same alliance. That seems to be working as intended unfortunately.

  2. Would be a nice gesture if they did that. I was lucky enough to lose after they changed the system, but I’d have been miffed to lose out on the point.