War chest partecipation level and support automatized answers

Warning, this is a long post with datas and some rant

Let’s start from the beginning: my alliance opened an alliance war chest on 10/20, after that, I fought all the wars but two equalizers (11/06 and 11/10) when I entered a resting alliance opting out of war. Then, I came back and fought all the others wars, opening a new chest 3 days ago (11/17).

Quick recap:
10/20 my alliance opened the chest
10/23 defeat
10/27 defeat
10/30 win
11/03 defeat
11/06 defeat, wasnt’ there
11/10 win, wasn’t there
11/13 defeat
11/17 win
These war results are quite “public”, ayone can check Seven Days Uprising in Top 100 Alliances War Results thread

I’m bad at math, but I can count 8 alliance wars from one chest to the next one, and I was in 6 out of 8, or the 75% partecipation level.

While the 11/17 war was still going on, I noticed that my partecipation level was at 54% wasy below what it should be.
After that war ended, I opened the chest with a partecipation level of 62%, again below.

I submitted a ticket from in game support, explaining all the above with datas and screenshots, and the answer I got was “I carefully checked the logs, and you missed two wars. If you want 100% partecipation level you need to be in all the wars”.

In Rome we used to say “E grazie ar ca22o”

So I had to submit another ticket, saying literally "I know that I missed two wars, I stated in my first request, but the partecipation level are still wrong. Can you please check more carefully ?
Got another answer saying that yes, I missed two wars, and need to fight all the wars to have 100% partecipation level war chest loot.

Now, I’m only a poor programmer and I’m bad at math, but can someone of you kindly check those numbers, and at least see if I’m beginning schizophrenic?
Because if I’m in the right side of sanity, then the support answers are lazy, and the people who wrote didn’t even bother to read the text. And this is quite critical imho, more than supposed “balance changes”.

For the record, the difference between a 62% and a 75% partecipation level war chest should be very poor, maybe some potent leaves, small mana potion, or other useless junks. And I’m not asking for anything of this, I want things to run smooth, and right now they aren’t

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I think it counts active point participation/ 25 as opposed to numbers of wars/total wars to open for your activity level.


So they’ve had eight wars since they opened their war chest, and you were absent for 2…

Wait the war results you posted don’t add to 25 - which is what the alliance needs to open a war chest :thinking:… Are you sure you weren’t absent for more wars?

1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 20pts :thinking:

Forgot 11/20?
It probably also takes into account the number of flags you use.

But then I missed 6 points out of 25, so I should have an partecipation level of 76% (100-24), not 62%…

Nope, we opened the chest on 11/17.
Also, I NEVER left a war flag.

Totally sure, as lazy support’s log shows also.
Doing some reverse enginering we started the final war (11/17) with 22 points in the chest, so my datas are slightly wrong, and I should add also the 10/20 war in the count, as a win. However, the partecipation level is still wrong.

Did you participate in the wars of 10/16 and 10/20?

Yep, I was in all the wars but the two I listed

Did you factor in the player(s) who took your spot on the roster and fought in the 2 wars you missed?

As @Sarah2 alluded to, there’s something wrong with your tracking (working backwards):

11/17 win (started with 22)
11/13 defeat (started with 21)
11/10 win (started with 16)
11/06 defeat (started with 15)
11/03 defeat (started with 14)
10/30 win (started with 9)
10/27 defeat (started with 8)
10/23 defeat (started with 7)
10/20 alliance opened the chest (started with 2)

I think you’re off by at least a war since by your records, it means you opened the chest after the completion of the war on 10/20, but you would have had 7 points instead of anywhere from 0-4 which is what you should have after opening the chest.

A participation level of 62% means 15 or 16 points. Adding up your participation after the chest opening: 1+1+5+1+0+0+1+5 =14. So, looking at this and your records means there’s a delta of 2 points, and coincidently, working backwards, you stated that the alliance opened a chest after a win where they would have had 7 points. In fact, you would have opened the chest the war prior to 10/20 based on what you state here.
For your participation level of 54% and 22 points, that would mean you had about 12 points going into the last war. Winning the war would get you the 15 points of participation (based on max 25 points for a war chest).
So yes, the numbers kind of work, but bottom line, there’s a war that you’re not taking into account. Yes, you’re saying that you didn’t miss any other wars, but the numbers are kind of pointing to you missing an alliance win where you didn’t participate.


Was there a carryover in points when you opened the previous chest on 10/20?

From the initial post I am counting 14 points from your active wars ( but it is 5 in the morning and I’m still half asleep.

62%points wise would be 16points if I can count this early. So if the war opened last chest took you to 2/25 along with the wars you participated in this would bring you to the mark support are showing.

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Percentage participation depends on points contributed to the war chest.

If you were only absent for 1 win and 1 loss, that’s 6 points not contributed.

You contributed 19/25 points. That’s 76%.

You should get 76% reduced war loot. Not 62%.

62% applies if you contributed 15.5 points, say 16. Difference of 3 points. It’s odd.

Think you need to write in and detail the points tracked. Show the Math point by point.

CS don’t bother to read carefully till player keeps on insisting unless it’s a high priority issue along the lines of “help, I can’t access my account, I spend money on your game monthly”.

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I hasten to assure you @Kalgaath, that you are all right
Decided to take your offer.

As a result, I discovered that on 6.11 your alliance won.

From this it follows that your contribution is 15 points, that is, about 60%.
Hope your next chest will be very generous.