War chest overflow

So if an alliance records the following results for the alliance wars in this order:

Win (W)
Loss (L)

The alliance will fill its war chest with 26 points (5 wins x 5 points plus 1 point for a loss) out of the required 25.

Does the surplus or extra point get carried over to the next war chest?

I suppose we’ll find out the answer soon but I suspect not, given that monster and hero chests don’t operate like this.

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Had the same question in a few other places as well.
I hope that it overflows, but I suspect it won’t.

If it doesn’t overflow, that reduces the value of that 1 point loss. And it’s already very low.

Apparently, in Beta the war chest points did overflow.


Good to hear Bertus! I missed that.

Source: Do war chest points carry over?

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I think SG will surprize us … and NOT overflow the points, jyst to keep (the game slow, and blanced between p2w and f2p) as they already said (it will be an awesome loot)!

Thanks! didn’t see this thread

No overflow!! :frowning:

But nicer loot i think