War chest NOT SOLVED

At 17 january i made a complain
“After today bug i have 24/25 points chest wich is corect and participation only 66% although i participated in all the wars and used all the flags. Same problem with al my alliance members- Romania Lords of Romania”
Your assigned aget Agent An told "me is only a visual bug who d ont affect the rewards and participation

you just lied

you did not solve anything

I and all the members of our alliance received from the war chest only s…y items

relative to an unrealistic participation at war of 19-66%

although most of us participated 100% at the war
All we opt out from Alliance Wars

and two of our members have definitely quit


I want you to answer me at the points above

Hi , yes totally agree, I participate to all wars, use all flags, and final result was 51% , also I sended you a lot of emails who was showing you all the issues with the bags in the war, but I didn’t get no response properly, I received an automatic text about my internet connection, all bollocks

In support of my colleagues in Romania Lords of Romania and as a paying player I must state here that these latest changes made this game a total joke. We had issues with the wars, war chests, participation percentage and so forth… in top of all that and against all the emails my colleagues sent for your attention, great surprise came when we opened up our eventually full war chest. I find it ridiculous and laughable as after all that time and all those problems we got mainly 1* craft materials… do you find it normal? I personally dod uncheck the war option you lost me on that, more of us are talking about leaving and uninstalling the app… it’s a shame, it is a good game and we paid good money to play it. Don’t ruin it and do not rip us off. Hope this get to your ears as it’s getting worse every day. Regards , one of your paying customers Alex

You’ve already reported this bug in this thread. Please don’t open duplicate threads for the same issue. The devs really do read these threads and will deal with the problem as soon as they can.

@Rook, @Kerridoc, this is a repeat of an issue already reported here.


Duplicate threads will be closed. Accusing SG of malfeasance is also against Forum Rules. Please read the Rules before posting again. :slight_smile:

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