War Chest -- No Summon Token Rolls...?

I personally have tracked 19 War Chests, all 100% participation. I have always had 1 or 2 token rolls. There is another project here on the forums where the person (ierazo) tracked 69 chests. Again, always 1 or 2 rolls.

This last chest 0 tokens. See image below:

I know it is just a token or two, but with loot what it is these days, missing loot is missing loot.

What is your participation rate? Is it under 100%?

Nope, 100%. All the data from 100% chests as well.

I had 2 silver tokens with ~60% participation.

Kinda confused, What tokens are you on about?

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Usually, in War Chest with 100% participation, there are 2 rolls of token. Each rolls can become Daily Summon Token (Silver Token), ETT, or EHT.


@Munch; updated the OP title a little to be more clear.

I will say that I also noticed it in my last war chest. I’ll try to find it in Recent Activity Log but I defs noticed it with my loot too.


IMO it is a shame, but unfortunately it seems to works as intended:


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