War chest no loot

I left the alliance before the war was over and i have participated in the said war. But before the wae ended i have joined again on the same alliance [meaning a few hours difference from lefting and joining the aame alliance] when the war eas over i saw that I have 25 points for the war chest but it is grayed out. I clicked on the war chest and the game stated that I will not ricieve any loot because I did not participated in the said war. 25 chest points means 5 wims for the alliance and me. Question is why i did not get any loot from the war chest and now its back to zero. Please respond. Thanks in advance.

If you leave the alliance for any reason, like mercing, then return, you lose the accumulated participation points and start over from scratch.

But one are members did the same thing he left on the 4th war then came back. He still have the accumultaed points and even got the loot when he opened his chest.

That’s strange.
What happened to your friend should be reported as a bug.
What happened to you is the expected behaviour.

You have left in last war.
You write: before war ended I joined again.

When you leave, everything is reset to 0.
When you join you will need to play full war to be able to make it count.

@Rael, this is not strange as his party member left on 4th raid and still played the 5th :wink:

I see, but its the same alliance, and i have participated in all the wars to earn that hard 25 points for the chest.

But did he still have 100% of his participation points or just 20%? Apparently the loot decreases along with your score, but if he was there all the time for the last war he’d have some actual points in the pot to get something when the chest opened.

Before the war ended i have 20 points. When the war ended and i joined the allianve i gained another 5 points so total of 25 points in the chest.

He will have had only 20% participation if he left and joined before 5th war.

But in my case i did not get any loot even 1 percent. I participted 100% in all the wars to gain the 25 points

If you leave your alliance all what you have done in war is reset.

If you leave the alliance at any time you lose everything you’ve accumulated in the war chest.
If you leave the alliance before a war ends, you don’t get any points for the war chest, even if you rejoin the same alliance again while the war is still running.

I’m sorry about the situation, Deacon. However they clearly stated that the moment you exit the alliance you lose your points. You won’t get them back when you re-join.

You should not look at the chest points: those are Alliance-related not player-related. You should click on the chest and see how many wars you participated.

It seems not fair. My friend left the alliance on the 4th war and never participated coz his on spectator mode and he still got the 5 points coz the alliance won the war. I left on the 5th war but used all my 6 war energy and we still won. We have accumulated a total of 25 points. But mine got nothing while he rcvd a loot.

So sorry to hear this. But who ever left the alliance shiuld have the same situation as mine. But he did get a loot but i dont. We did the same thing.

You left the alliance before the war was over. You therefore forfeited the points you would have earned, as well as any you had earned in previous wars.
From what you say, the other player was in the alliance for the whole war, so he earned the points for the last war and got something from the chest.

Thanks still not fair same scenario diff result

Lesson to learn here: if you want to merc (or leave your alliance for whatever reason

  1. Do not do it in the middle of a war

  2. especially don’t do it in the FINAL war that give you the chest.

It’s like running a marathon and reaching 100m away of the finish line and withdraw.
Then you change your mind and go to the end, but it was already reported you withdraw.

What’s a merc? :philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines::philippines: