War chest loot

I am wondering what the war chest loot is gonna be like. I am just thinking from a timing perspective it should be awesome. Ie.
A monster chest, hero chest can be done in a day… so loot is mostly meh.
A titan chest, at best, can only be filled in 5 days… and is more often than not also meh…

With 2 wars a week at best it will take 2.5 weeks to fill a war chest… which is quite a long time… so i hope the loot is worth it… maybe closer or better than an elemental chest?

It should definitely have 1 or 2 guaranteed unfarmable mats and trainer heroes. Otherwise it becomes pointless

I hope so… but have been disappointed too many times to get my hopes too high

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you new?

This might not be the game for you.


Yeah, best lower expectations so that won’t be too unhappy when only crap loot shows up

I think war chest will be similar to color chests. Should be better but I don’t think it will be.

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Should be like the titan chests.

Win or lose, everyone who participated in war and got some points gets rewarded individually. Just like titan strikes, whether titan is killed or escaped, everyone who hits on the titan gets rewarded individually.

So when it comes to the war chest, 5 wins will fill up the chest for it to be opened, similar to the titan chest.

Bottomline, i think we can take reference from the titan chest

I mean similar to elemental chests. With the probability to pull double boots but also double 4* items.

Edit: I know SG doesn’t like to throw out rare mats. But getting e.g. 2 backpacks is something I can’t even imagine SG would do.

And the game is just perfectly fine for me no worries. Just tending to see a minor aspect as pointless doesnt make the game not worthwhile for me;)

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Received yesterday my 164th battle manual. Definitely need 165! lol


The description is the same from elemental chests. So i think it will be.

Not much then. Elemental chest is not the wow chest anymore.

To be fair, elemental chests still beat all the other chests on average, though, right?

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I am mentally preparing myself for the mass outrage my alliance members will throw up when they don’t get anything rare in that war chest. This actually might hurt more than help and could be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” for some people. I am nervous.


I totally agree, lost members with former war, just because we lost every time. If the chest is moah, then the morale goes further down. Luckely we won last war, that was a morale booster.


So your alliance members were fine now…getting no war chest. But now that the chest is there and eventually everyone gets something, they will leave because the new, additional loot isn’t good enough?


War chest should be motivational thing for players. Many players do not want to play because of bad matchmaking. If that war chest is very bad then people will be even more disappointed. This is how I see it


I think it’s more like risen hope followed by the familiar frustration and disappointment of getting garbage.

Being constantly promised more chances for nonfarmable ascension items only to recieve the same old, same old can certainly cause people reason to leave the game. After all, we play this game for fun and to relax, right? Why play something that only brings anger and a feeling of being unappreciated?


If you tap on the war chest it says ‘… to receive GREAT rewards’, so I think the rewards would be similar to those from elemental chest (in terms of rarity and frequency), which also uses the same terms.

Monster, Hero, and Titan chests say VARIOUS rewards.

Of course I know elemental chest has been nerfed a bit, but rewards from it are still greater than those from regular chests in general.

Same with the war chest.

The titan chests says “various” rewards and the war chest says “great” rewards so…I BELIEVE! RNG rain favor down on me!

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Anger and feeling of unappreciation is a player controlled behavior and reaction. The mechanics and playing of the game haven’t changed.