War chest loot, can it be worst then that?

Everyone who play this game know that moment, u finally going to open a 100% war chest and pray the gods for normal loot. And then u realise that monster chest can have a better loot then somthing u farmed for more then a month and u have do 50-60 war attacks to achive. Here is my video i thought it is going to be a good one…
Now i wonder if any of u guys got something worst then this!
Opening at 5:10


The reason I posted this thread is that players needs to get better loot after farming for more than a month so at least one golden Coin and rare ascending items should be granted for every 100% especially if it’s a high-level Alliance


This game, probably has the worst loot out of any game I’ve played. Last month I only got one hero token for a Summons & I play every single day.
Oh… and of course I got a lousy useless 3* card for it.


Considering the time and effort required it’s really bizzare that war chests don’t drop 2 guaranteed unfarmable mats.
Elemetal chests should.have probably 1 guaranteed unfarmAble by the same token.

So now Instead of joy of opening of the hard won chest i open it with as much apathy i can muster, being grateful if i get something a bit better than total poop.
Where is fun in having to detach myself constantly to avoid disappointment?

My condolences for this atrocious chest :frowning:


The worst thing is that more then 10 players in my allaince got something similar with no valuable item in it… Even raid tournament chest have better loot in it.and this say it all…
Insted of understanding that the more ascending items ppl have the more heroes they will want to get therefore more gems for summons, they reduce the willing of players like me that are C2P to spend more on this game.

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Wait… is this for 100% participation rate?

Hey Jolly that was a poor chest for sure… But on your 1st titan attack if you would have used the miner mana test tube on Sabina and casted Sartana would have still been fighting

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Yup… This weekend I opened a war chest with 100% participation, and out of it I got gloves, reset emblem… and that’s really it. The rest just unmemorable trash - and really, mystic vision tier of nonsense, potions, 10 emblems I think. It was terrible - now it is 48 days since I changed alliance, first chest we opened I had only 30% participation so it was nonsense as well… Nearly two months of wars for a bunch of nothing. All this effort, building bench depth etc. Really disappointed in that.

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Yes, same here. 100% participated, always used all flags, scored best several times and then after say 4 to 6 weeks you get only crap.

That’s more than disappointing.


Don’t count on that. But there is a 1590% value offer where you can get 1x Tabard for only £99.99 if you are interested.


This time around, I got:

Tall boots
Battle manual
5 gems
2 gray tokens
3 loot tickets
10 rogue emblems
1 reset emblem
1-star green feeder
2 Atlantis coins

After filling for a month or so, that really feels like a slap in the face more than a war chest.


War chests should at least contain a 4* and a 3* asc item, 20+ emblems and a golden token for 100% participation.

Grind to get nipped otherwise.


and they do. here is my war chest loot after last victory:


War is probably the most fun feature we have right now, but yes, rewards lately was really discouraging.

Putting aside bad luck i had with my last 3 war chests, in my very long streak of wins (i guess i’m about 25, i don’t count it anymore) the only notable loot was a single sturdy shield (that right now for me is completely useless).

War loot is by far the worse out of all rewards.
Actually worse then monster chest or mystic vision.

No doubt about it.
So fun, and yet so bad.


I haven’t seen the same bad results lately like the others on this thread. My last war chest a few days ago netted me a damascus blade and darts and my alt account that’s in the same alliance got 2 scopes. This game is truly just hit or miss which is why it’s so awesome to finally land some of the 4* items when you do. All about patience

Yes, sometimes war loot is great, but at least some nonfarmables should be guaranteed for war chests to give the feel of grinding is worth it.


just the fact that you can get two farmable mats from war chest is a slap in the face.

frankly, wars can be demanding time and coordination wise and while fun, also stressful. considering how long they take to get filled i just cannot understand why sg insists on not motivating or at least rewarding people more.


That is the worst anyone can get i am sorry u got that pile of crap.

Yep and this is why i posted this, not having good loot this time sucks but i want it to be changed for everyone. We dont deserve getting such a weak loot after doing 7-12 wars to fill a war chest.
And if we will have alot of players with us maybe one of the mods here will think “hey this guys are right, the loot is way way way way way below avarage”
But unfortunately in this game, players inputs are rarely put in the game as an update.
I played many games in my life and keeping up the community happy and putting in ea update a suggestions from the players make the game much more fun.

All my chests its like this.I have good heroes but whit this lack of materials i dont know when i will ascend them.I can’t see where it’s the funny part on this game anymore

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