War Chest back to 0 after opening



Sorry if theres already a thread.

Just had a win from 21/25 to 25/25 … new chest starts at 0

Seems pretty rough even more so if you are on 24 since all alliances will do then is not fight and get the 1 point.

It really should carry over.


Moved to bugs and issues.

And I disagree about any points carrying over after completing a war chest. Stop losing wars, and no points will get wasted. :smiley:


That’s pretty harsh. If we get 1 point for a loss and then they’re gone after opening, we might as well have gotten no points. The 1 point from loss is effectively pointless unless you lose more often than you win.


They aren’t pointless if you win 4 wars, then have a 5 war losing streak.


Sure, but if you lose 4 then win 5, the 4 losses didn’t help. I get that you don’t see that as a problem and really it isn’t one. It just greatly diminishes the value of getting a point for losing. Though to your point if we pretend you win 1 then lose 1 repeatedly then you get a chest every 9 wars regardless of 4-5 or 5-4


…which is better than 10 wars repeatedly without the point. On average of course.



So Imagine your alliance is on 24.

Word to the alliance … “Hey guys we are opening the chest tonight. Points dont carry over thus no incentive on winning, so relax and dont hit if you dont want to.”, this is not really giving opponents a fair nice fight.

It needs to carry over.


Ahhhhh I see v16 has this … can close the thread, thanks


Yeah, to give really value to a loss it must need to be 5 in a row(or multiple) for every chest, all the other quantity means like having zero.

That was a good call to correct that.