War cheating Prevention idea

So, for our 5th war we noticed a new cheating technique. Instead of putting up their best teams, our opponents put up they’re weak teams or just 1 hero per team. Effectively dropping the number of points received for defeating their teams.
My idea is 2 have it locked that a player must put up at least five Heroes and points should be based on the top five Heroes earned of the opponent even if it is not on the team to be defeated.

It means their other teams are worth more as it’s all relative to what other teams on are defense (ratio of their HP).

We have one player who did it for the opponents in my alt’s war… ok so we have to burn a flag in order to trigger a full reset. No big deal.


Every team here is worth 6 or 7 points. I took out 1 of their 3 full sized teams

And you scored 105 points why are you complaining???

It cannot be the case that EVERY team is worth 6-10 points. There are always 2000 points (+/- for rounding) on a team, distributed proportionally to team strength. If some teams are very weak, then the other teams are worth that much more.

But I agree that a change is in order to make it really obvious that this strategy is really poor. The two best ideas IMO are either:

  1. Change war flags from 6 to 30, but you use a flag per hero deployed. So if you use five heroes, you get six attacks, as today. But if you can take down a team with only a few heroes, you can attack more than six times.
  2. Distribute some of the victory points on a flat basis, say 20 points per team, rather than making everything linked to team strength.

Another direction would be to let players opt out, and then the matching is done on the strength of the participating players.