War change - empty defense before start no longer option?

That update has to do with the teams on battlefield, not with preparation phase. I’m sure that weeks ago it was possible to abandon the fight after matchmaking.

It’s a disadvantage either way.

With the extra team you are forcing opponent to use more flags per flip for same overall 1500 points. But the non-member team is “free points”.

Without the extra team your other teams are worth a bit more points to the opponent if they can’t do a flip.

Which scenario is worse?

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Well, my dumb experience proved differently. The opponents need to have deeper bench to reset the board, otherwise that may cost to them more flags than to kill a weak team

The easiest solution is if you don’t want people on the field don’t have them in your alliance,or have them opted out, otherwise you’re just trying to scam the matching system.

Which part of OPT OUT impediment from Play Games wasn’t clear?

The developers must be aware that the procedure is wrong for at least these reasons below:

  1. Google (Play Games) must allow players to opt out since the beginning;

  2. Expelling players for matchmaking is cruel. Mainly if the alliance trains beginners;

  3. Preparation phase is after matchmaking. Nothing was wrong with taking a team off of the battle. The evidence is: there’s no complaints against it.

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