War causing issues again!

The issue is getting on the server (presumably) everything works until you hit the attack button and then it freezes! This causes the game to record a loss by the attacker and the loss of the energy point to re attack plus your best team!!! This is very annoying and has happened several times to me now! In the last instance losing the war due to this and it is very likely this will happen again. My team memebers are weaker than the opposition so the only possibly chance of winning is for my own teams to get results. I have previously discussed this in the forums and others seem to be having similar issues! Can you get this issue sorted please! You should also put up a notice if the server is in full use so users know that is the problem and can retry later in the day! I would like you also to replace the spent energy and reinstate my team so I can compete with them again on this war! Look forward to your reply!

It just did it to me. I picked my opponent and my team I was using to fight them and hit attack. Next thing I know I’m stuck on the battlefield screen watching my name fly across and just rest there. It didn’t take me into the battle. Now I’m down 5 heroes I couldn’t afford to lose and a war flag. I’m so not impressed! @Witch @Petri @Sara

Thanks for the reply! It’s beyond a joke as far as I’m concerned! I’ve even had a “are you still there” message which is even more annoying! They should have sorted this by now!

Another thing I should have mentioned was that I could see the opposing team attacking me! Even more frustrating!

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I had exactly this happen to my alt last War. The app wasn’t frozen—I could see others heading off to attack or be attacked. Sitting at home with stable WiFi.

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Same here! Game crashed when I almost killed the enemy team with my best team. When I restarted the game, I got a 0 points and a loss of my best team

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Exact same issue for me.

not sure why you tagged me about this issue… I am just a player like everyone else…

I’ve had the same issue it’s beyond a joke it’s happening every war it needs to be sorted as we’re losing wars because of it

@Witch, my bad, I thought you were an employee. Won’t happen again.

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