War Caused Me to Lose Titan Loot

I had just hit the button to attack someone in war. While the screen was loading to start the fight someone in my alliance killed the titan and the titan loot screen appeared. I saw I got a hidden blade but I couldn’t take a screenshot, let alone hit the claim button before the screen changed and the war battle loaded. After the battle was over I do not see “new” next to my hidden blades in my inventory and closing the app and reopening it didn’t restore it either. Please help!

If you already had a hidden blade in your inventory, even if you got another the word new would not appear… When you get an item you already owned it is not a new addition to your collection just an increase in the quantity you have - and the word new is only meant to show you what loot you recieved that you didn’t have.

I don’t know why this was chosen to be the case, but it is

Yup, as said right above the new text does not appear if you already had those items.
Also the “claim”-button, which reads “ok”. Does not havy any effect on whether you receice the loot or not, so you should have received the blade.
Are you sure the amount of your blades did not increase? If so then contact support. Otherwise there should not be a bug here.

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