War canceled [15 Apr: Wars are back!]

So you cancel war to have a 3 star raid tournament. Way to cater to those that dont spend alot of money on the game. Havent had a 3 star hero on my teams since I started playing. Smh way to make people lose interest


What bothers me about it is the reduced loot coupled with the scarcity of ascension mats and the guaranteed roll with the war chest. I re-built a 3 star team after seeing this raid tournament coming(another sore point) but for what, crap loot? Had I known the reduced loot, I wouldn’t have cared at all to rebuild crap hero’s. Wars are actualy fun, and they work with good loot from chests, now we’re even further away from what seems like an insurmountable quest for good mats to finish all these 5star hero’s stuck at 3.70


They cancelled war because of a glitch. You’d be griping like crazy if they hadn’t and you got kicked off in the middle of a fight and lost flags. SMDH. Play the raid tournament and enjoy the 5 free flags per day for your raid chest. It isn’t costing you anything.


They cancelled the war because there were a ton of people getting kicked out. No way to fix damage already done, just prevent more. I’m curious to see if the tournament has issues too


just another day on the E&P forum…

The raid tournament and the war cancellation have nothing to do with eachother.

These people who complain probably don’t pay attention to any messages the devs put out.

Too many self-proclaimed entitled people around here these days…


In their announcement, SG cited an “unexpected conflict with the Raid Tournament.” They think its related, just not sure how


Lol some people didn’t read it at all then I guess, conflict with the raid tournament and they cancelled the war. I don’t care what the reason was or what needed to be nuked the war is a better feature then ■■■■ loot in a ■■■■ 3star tournament


Well if it’s having problems and not working, you’re not getting your coveted loot either way.


Nuke the tournament till you get it right then wars are better than what isn’t working to begin with


The war was glitching out—many people lost flags when disconnected mid-battle. It’s not the case that SGG said, “Hmm, which of these two things should we cancel?”’ The war had already crashed and burned. Cancelling it and providing some compensation was making the best out if a bad, preventable situation.


Thanks for the titan flask, guys!!! It is probably way better than the war loot I would have gotten :wink:


A titan flask is compensation? well it is what it is, but waking up to no war and a crap tournament isn’t a great day for SG.


Hey way to be wrong!

Meh, I’ll take the titan flask over a lost war.


How is it being entitled ??? I pay alot of money to play this game and its entitlement to get what I pay for ??? Please explain. And no I dont have time to sit around and read developers messages all day. I’m at work and jump on the GAME when I have time. So if there are glitches in the war system how about fix that before adding more stupid sh@t?

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3 star tournament is a joke, what’s next week, 2 star?


But with the current loot who cares anyway. I’ll pay attention again to this tournament stuff when loot goes back to normal.

Why, because you kept none?:slightly_smiling_face:


They are food, that’s what they are. You can run this 3 star stuff every week, what do I have to lose? stop playing this game and no more spending money on it? wow what a huge loss to me lol

Ok, but you know that there are players not being on your level, they wanna be competitive too. I like it (not the raid tournament format for now), like rare challenge events. I’m no top star, but I can provide a decent 3star army and then it’s about being clever and lucky of course. Kept 3 of each element and they won’t become food for the 50th 5star of the heavy payers guild.:blush: